Wu Jiamin

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Wu Jiamin, male, Han nationality, was born in Shanghai in December, 1961. His is a professor, and CPC member.  He graduated from the Aquaculture Department of Shanghai Fisheries Institute with a bachelor’s degree in 1983, and received his master’s degree in fish genetics and breeding in 2000.  He once acted as the deputy dean, secretary of the CPC Committee and dean of the Fishery College of Shanghai Fisheries Institute, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee, and chairman of the Labour Union of Shanghai Fisheries University (later Shanghai Ocean University). He concurrently acts as the member of China Ocean and Lake Association, member of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Aquatic Products, vice president of the Freshwater Aquaculture Committee of China Fisheries Association, and member of The 3rd Shanghai Committee for Examination and Approval of Aquatic Improved Variety.  His research focuses on cultivation and breeding of aquatic animals, and once won the first prize of Shanghai Municipal Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, second prize of the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, second prize of Shanghai Municipal Award for Teaching Achievements, and second prize at the pilot stage of excellent Shanghai Cooperative Education of Industry, University and Research Institutions in the 9th Five-year Period.

He has acted as the Secretary of the CPC Committee of Shanghai Ocean University since May, 2013,.

He is in charge of the work of the CPC Committee. Responsibilities: 1. Work of veteran cadres; 2. Construction of working style and clean conduct of the party, and the team of cadres; 3. Party School; 4. Archival work; 5. language affairs

Division in his charge: General Office of SHOU

Contact Colleges: College of Economics and Management, College of Engineering Science and Technology

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