SHOU Students Winning the First Gold Prize in 2020 Online Odyssey of the Mind Finals

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On May 31 (May 30 US local time), affected by the epidemic of COVID-19, 2020 Odyssey of the Mind Finals was held online for the first time. More than 800 teams took part in the contest, and China sent 82 teams. The OM team of SHOU seized the first place in the unit of Classics… The Effective Detective Div IV (College Students).

The members of the OM team included Bi Zihao and Li Yi from grade 2017, and Cai Yuanjing, Wu Jie, Zhao Sijie, Ji Tao, Ma Qinglan, He Zishan, Gu Yimeng, Gu Wenwei, Wang Xindi, and Xue Jinyang from grade 2018. Although unable to return to the school for collective video recording, our members nevertheless managed to present an extraordinary performance from different parts of the country using video software. In the process of seeking the truth behind the mystery, our smart and handsome detectives got involved in a long-premeditated insurance fraud. Notwithstanding the mixture of truth and falsehood, they still kept a clear mind, and eventually exposed the lie. As always, the bad people got punished at last. This was an all-round contest item that raised high requirements for innovation, creativity, and teamwork, but our students succeeded in completing all the tasks by themselves, including scenario design, stage props, art design, stage presence, etc.

Announcement of results

Group photo taken after performance

Group photo of all team members

Founded under the Archives (university history museum and museum) five years ago, the OM Club of SHOU advocates grouped problem-solving through “mentoring”, and constantly organizes interactive exchanges and fun games. Relying on the careful guidance from supervisors and the substantial support from SHOU, the club has won prizes in the Odyssey of the Mind Finals for three consecutive years. This year marks the first time that the club wins a gold prize. In preparing for the contest, our students have perfectly embodied the intelligence, competence, and presence of SHOU in all the details, from ingenious scenario design, through exquisite props, to excellent stage performance based on great teamwork.

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